Saturday, February 14, 2009
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Five Positive Ways to Spend Valentine's Day If You're Single or Recently Broken Up


Is this your situation? You can also have your celebration.


If you’re mad because you’re single and lonely, or because you recently broke up or divorced or if you just hate the marketing around this holiday, you have many anti-Valentine’s day options around to pick. But, what if you love Saint Valentine’s day but just don’t have that special soul mate to share with? Here are some alternatives to celebrate and keep positive.
1. Hang out with your best friends.
Love manifests in many ways and one of them is friendship. Share some time with your closest friends and show them how much you appreciate them, they sure will give you their feedback. If you have the chance, go out, don’t stay at home. Although you can organize a party in some house, it’s better to change the air and visit a new place that you may enjoy and where you can have fun without mourning about the past.
2. Share some quality time with your family
Another form of love you may have is your family: parents, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandparents… If you have a good relationship with them, try to be thankful for that and remember that’s a big value in your life.
3. Do something that you really like
When you’re busy with something you really enjoy to do, you don’t have time to complain or think about the bad side of your situation. While you’re watching that funny movie you love, cooking, doing gym, listening to your favorite music, traveling or whatever makes you happy, you’re generating positive feelings for you and those who surround you.

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