Sunday, November 14, 2010
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Hammond Castle: One of America’s Great Haunted Mysteries

Hammond Castle: One of America’s Great Haunted Mysteries
by Michele Cameron Drew

Imagine being a ten-year old little girl and being surprised with an amazing visit to a "castle in the clouds". Hammond Castle was all that a medieval castle had to offer and far more. My sense of adventure was intrigued as I learned about the place… 

Thirty-something years ago, my dear mother packed us all into the car for road trips and we would head off to these exotic never-never lands that she liked to escape to on occasion.  Little did I know at about ten years old that this trip would change the face of life as I knew it.  We headed up route 128 from Boston, seemingly for parts unknown and landed somewhere in the middle of the woods in Gloucester, MA.

I was bored out of my mind an hour into the trip and began my protest from the rear seat. I was abruptly told that no back-seat drivers were allowed, when suddenly we came over a hill and down into a wooded area and then I saw it.  Looming high above the great Atlantic was a giant stone building.  The entrance was formidable with two stone towers that seemed to end at the sky!


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