Thursday, January 01, 2009
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31 New Green Year Resolutions

Here are 31 suggestions, one for every day of the month, to help you become a greener person in the New Year, or anytime really.

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  1. I will Go Green for my own sake, to save money, and for the sake of keeping the planet clean for generations to come.

  2. I will Plant a Tree, any kind of tree, perhaps a fruit tree. Maybe more than one, and a bush even. Raspberries always taste great in the summer!

  3. In the summer I will hang my clothes outside on the line to dry.

  4. I will use cheaper, and safer, cleaning products, such as replacing glass cleaner with vinegar and water, using baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) to clean the oven.

  5. I will put up a sign on my mail box “NO JUNK MAIL OR FLYERS”.

  6. If I don't need it, I will resist the urge to buy it.

  7. I will try to buy locally made products and shun those made in other countries.

  8. I will shop at my local farmers markets and try to buy locally grown produce.

  9. I will buy in bulk and try to buy lots of stuff per trip rather than making lots of shopping trips.

  10. I will put a brick in the back of my toilet so I use less water each flush.

  11. I will return all medication bottles back to the pharmacy.

  12. I will return all plant pots (from bedding plants) back to the greenhouse.

  13. I will encourage my friend, who works in a tall office building, to have the lights turned off at night, not only will this save energy, but also help with the death of hundreds if migratory birds who smash into these windows.

  14. I will use my reusable shopping bag or try to take no bag at all when purchasing some items.

  15. I won't shave on days that I don't have to.

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