Saturday, January 17, 2009
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An Amazing Exhibition: Made in Chambord


In the majestic Château of Chambord in the French Loire Valley, discover an exceptional collection of eponymous objects.

As you enter the Royal Domain of Chambord in the heart of the French Loire Valley, you suddenly discover the stately silhouette of the Château de Chambord. François the First's exceptional estate is a pure gem of the French Renaissance. It appears in a wonderful setting with its grey slate roofs, its bastion towers, finely carved pinnacle turrets, and fireplaces (as many as days in a year) reminding us of an « art de vivre » when beauty had connections with utility.

The Château de Chambord - Photo Copyright: Wikipedia

The construction of the château began in 1519, in the early years of the Renaissance and is supposed to have been inspired by Italy. The great architect Viollet-le-Duc, however said that there was nothing italianate about Chambord in thought or form. The King in his passion spent a fortune on the château, even when money got rare, he always found a solution (if you see what I mean) for Chambord and the works

never stopped. François the First likes to entertain courtiers and dignitaries and goes hunting in his immense and deep forests abounding in game. Later Molière wrote here his « Monsieur de Pourceaugnac » within a few days. The play that at first Louis XIV did not appreciate, was saved by Lulli who simply jumped onto his harpsichord, thus making the king burst out laughing.

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