Saturday, January 24, 2009
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Today's Reading List

As I opened up the Triond page,
I could not believe my eyes.
Today's friends reading list,
Caught me by suprise:

BC shows us Young Inventors,
Papaleng with What's in Song?
Bren with Writers on Writing,
Reilly with Forty Years On,
Arizona with gorgeous gems,
Louie on promoting your work,
Glynis takes us to Cyprus,
Adam Henry's got writer's block.
stickman has goofy gadgets,
Liane with angelic rhyme,
Aardaerimus: lovely flowers,
Wow, I had a really good time!

I hope you've enjoyed today's reading list,
I've gathered it with a smile.
Now off to find something to write today,
For I fear that I've fallen behind.

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