Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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Three Astounding Pregnant Males Species

by BC Doan

These three species: seahorses, pipe fish, and sea dragons are the only males that get pregnant.

Besides the amazing fact that males are the actual beautiful , graceful, and wonderful creatures!

Sea Dragons


Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is celebrating the pregnancy of a male weedy sea dragon. This lucky male carries the eggs on his tail, and this is only the third time ever that an endangered species is pregnant in a U.S. aquarium.
This sea dragon has around 70 fertilized eggs, and is giving birth in early to mid-July. It is rare for sea dragons to be pregnant since researchers do not know what will get them in the mood to mate. While mating, the female lays dozens of eggs, and then transfer them to the male's tail, which look like red grapes.
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The Aquarium has 18-inch sea dragons with snouts, colorful sea horses bodies, and multiple fins. There are about 50 aquariums around the world that have sea dragons.

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BC Doan said...

Thanks Michele for posting this article here!

Success With Women said...

wow interesting article. I hope it just happen in those animal not in human. I don't want to get pregnant.

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