Thursday, May 07, 2009
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Mother's Day Traditions

As I'm sure most of you know, Sunday May 10th is Mother's Day this year. Although the group consists of mainly women much older than myself, my daughter and I go to a traditional ladies' luncheon at church every year where they also run several contests as part of the festivities.

Last year I won for most cell phone pics, and my daughter won for youngest mom, but my favorite of these contests is the hat contest. Until recently, I had a collection of many unusual hats in a wide range of styles, which was withered down to just a few basic pieces by a dishonest roommate last year. So... I am looking to rebuild my collection and this year is no exception. I generally pick them up at flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores.

Although the hats are always quite ornate(church hats) from many different eras, many with veils and lots of silk flowers, I don't really care about entering the contest or winning, but just want to be a part of things and am looking for something more modern.

I have been looking around on the net for ideas. Here are a few of my favs from my hat search:

Accent your outfit with this Linen Cadet Hat featuring a linen fabric, button details, and a floral interior lining. This is a really smart look and I would love it(in black of course).

Go for some stylish shade with this Floppy Straw Hat featuring woven straw construction, floppy brim, and an interior band ala Gone with the Wind.

This Cat in the Hat Fiber Optic Hat should please all fans of Dr. Seuss' classic story. Complete your Cat costume and amaze your friends in the process with the light-up hat! With a single push of a button, hat lights up with flashing red lights.

The Farmer Beachcomber Hat... need I say more?

I found this one particularly alluring... if you're going to the premiere of Frankenstein, perhaps. The screw actually turns like it's drilling into your head! The Bandage Hat with Screw Turning has a screw that turns with disturbing sound, fake hair, and white bandage with simulated blood on it.

This has to be by far the most interesting hat in the bunch: Show your team that you're their #1 fan in this hilarious football
This funny hat looks like an official football and is sure to stay on through all your cheers with its secure velcro strap. Add the matching glasses to really let your spirit show!

Additional Specifications

  • Made of textured vinyl with white suede lace to look like a true football
  • One size fits most (adjustable velcro strap inside!)
  • Secret pocket inside to hold snack bar money, directions to the post-game party, etc.

No self-respecting collection would be complete without a derby. The black derby is the perfect way to top off your look!

It's elementary, my dear Watson. Take a stroll down your street and follow the clues to your next Halloween party in true Sherlock style. The Sherlock Holmes Hat features gray cotton wool material with attached ear flaps and tie strings. Guaranteed to solve any party problems this Halloween!

Of course after the luncheon we will probably hang out and watch a movie or two, the kids will play video games or go to the park and we will all share a lovely dinner at "Grandma's place". It should prove to be a beautiful day, no matter what the weather may hold.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there.

-Michele Cameron Drew


BC Doan said...


I hope you had a great Mother's Day yesterday!

Those hats are quite fun to look at, but I prefer to have the Floppy Straw Hat most!

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