Sunday, May 24, 2009
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Wacky Blogging Weekend - Page Rank and Authority

Well, I am feeling a bit like the court jester today.

Yes! Spectrum has moved to its own domain(please update your links!). This weekend, the plan was work in the house: wash and patch walls in two rooms and get the materials to build a wall in another that we are converting into a bedroom. I was also going to begin packing my bedroom as I am moving into the master in a couple of weeks. Of course that isn't how it went...
I had planned to purchase the domains this weekend and sometime after the changes in the house, have the new blog finished and ready to move to its domain as well as Spectrum. Oops...

Poetic Expression Today is finished on and I have moved it to my new author page, read more about that here.

Although I know this is a good thing, it's disheartening to see all of your page rank on three blogs go to 0(due to url changes) and have to rebuild them all over again.

Google and/or Technoarti apparently think Poetic Expression is a spam blog, which we all know it is not. I have to create new page rank and authority for it somehow, but they won't even let me claim it.

So, while it wasn't what I had planned, I spent my weekend building my new blog and tearing down the old. I have very high hopes though, now that everything has its own domain(except Digital Artisan) that all of my building will not be in vain. I think I will wait a minute before changing DA, but not too long. I would like to retain SOME page rank for of all my hard work.

Two days ago: Poetic Expression Today PR2/13, Poetic Expression PR0/0, Spectrum PR2/18, Digital Artisan PR2/8.

Today: By Any Other Name PR0/0, Poetic Expression PR0/0, Spectrum PR0/1, Digital Artisan PR2/8.

Sound advice: If you are planning on putting your blog on its own domain, do it when you set it up or at least early in the game, so that you don't lose credit for all of your hard work.

Now, I'm off to drop SOME EC this weekend and at least attempt to clean my room today!

—Michele Cameron Drew


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