Friday, May 22, 2009
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Writing Contest and Reorganization

The Spectrum Writing Contest is now underway with entries beginning to trickle in here and there from all over the globe. This is Spectrum's first contest and I am hoping that it will go well, because if it does, I plan on continuing them, while gradually incorporating bigger and better prizes into the contest. I can't wait for the chance to start digging into some of these entries and see what you all have to offer.


Spectrum really is a blog for writers and my mission is and has been to bring some great writers and their work into the limelight. It has been a great run and I hope that it will continue to grow and be enjoyed by the masses.

I must apologize to all of my readers for my lack of attention lately. As some of you know, I have had my share(and then some) of housemate issues over the past few months and have been working very hard to overcome some incredible challenges.

You see, after three different changes in financial arrangements, my current housemate has not been able to carry his share of the financial burden and it has been getting passed on to me. I have also had to rearrange my entire house twice and am in the process again. Thinking "out of the box" has become an obsession for me in recent months(pun definitely intended).

My housemate has finally come to the realization that he cannot afford to remain and has given notice to quit at the end of June. I am relieved but also dread the interview process and learning to live with new people.

The past couple and next few weeks have/will be bringing on new challenges as once again we make some major shifts in our physical living situation and take on new housemates. Although I am excited, optimistic and looking forward to the changes, I am weary and overextended and fearing that it will be awhile before things calm down. With my disabilities and being in the state of perpetual moving for about nine months, all this reorganization has my body aching and tired and I will be looking forward to having a little time to relax and write.

Once I have completed this transformation over the next few months, I think that I will be making some changes here in the blogosphere, with the possibility of a new facelift for Spectrum and Digital Artisan and some new and interesting sponsors as well.

Thanks so much to those of you have stood by and kept this blog and my others afloat when I have been somewhat absent. I want you to know that I plan on continuing the Spectrum and have many more changes planned in the coming months.

I hope that you will continue to visit and enjoy reading the works of so many wonderful writers!


PS... Spectrum has moved to its own domain and needs you to update your links so we can regain our page rank. Our new address is!


BC Doan said...

I am glad to know that things are finally calmed down for you! Hopefully, everything else will fall into place as nice.

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