Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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Broken Ends


I lead you down paths of righteousness.
You lead me to paths of ruin.
Your deception has only cheated us,
Your infidelity, blackened the moon.

I now walk through black nights of emptiness,
Tears of loneliness, so deep and so sad,
In hope that the sun bring us happiness,
And you'll realize how much that we had.

For a moment the sun gave a second chance,
To repair all the damage you've done,
A glimmer of light to come back and dance,
In the beautiful warmth of the sun.

In that moment you wasted the chance away,
And opted for somebody new.
Though faithful, I opted to move away,
And let go of the reins holding you.

I'm broken straight down to the ends of me,
All reserve has been wasted to date.
I fear now you'll decide to come back to me,
And baby, it will be too late.


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