Wednesday, December 03, 2008
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Most Dangerous Items in the Ocean, by BC Doan

Can you believe eight million tons of garbage reaches the bottom of the sea everyday?

While we, human, look for more ways to make our lives easier, and consume what convenient for us, our planet is enduring the punishment. Every day, eight million tons of garbage reaches the sea around the globe. These rubbishes are all non-recyclable, and they are all from human activity!

Have you wonder where our garbage will end up? Where does the item we put in the toilette, and flush down go? The answer is obvious; they often end up in the ocean and on beaches.

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These include all kind of plastic items such as shopping bags, plastic bottles, condoms, and plastic food wrappers. Below is closer look at how long it would take for each of these items to biodegrade.

  • The average life span of plastic demijohn is from 400 to 600 hundred years.

  • The average life span of plastic bottle is from 300 to 500 hundred years.

  • The plastic bags have a life span of 30 to 60 years.

  • The plastic rings, which hold pop cans together, have a life span of 450 years.

  • The food wrappers have a life span from 20 to 30 years.

  • Condoms have the life span of 30 years.

Pieces of plastic, such as the rings around pop bottles, and milk bottles, have the life span of hundreds of years, depending on the quality.

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BC Doan said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for posting my article on your blog!

We all should do our part in taking better care of the earth..

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