Wednesday, December 31, 2008
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On Writing: Promoting Your Work in the Spectrum in 2009


Are you a serious writer or poet who is publishing on the internet with Triond, Bukisa, eHow, Helium, AC, or elsewhere?

Are you finding yourself with less time to write as you are putting it all into promoting your articles or blog? Perhaps I can help.

Recently, myself, Lauren Axelrod, RJ Evans and other writers from various sites have begun building our network of blogs with the addition of guest articles. Basically the blog owner publishes an excerpt or your full article(with your links and byline) on their blog and then promotes it along with their own work. I know this is an age-old practice but it creates a "social networking" community where people of like interests are more likely to read and promote each others' work.

This also creates an opportunity to build your readership, the readership of your sites and those of like-minded writers and provides us a chance to revive some of those articles that didn't receive much exposure when first published.

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Rochefort-U.S.A. Friendship said...

Really interesting. Can I join ? Happy New Year to you Michele and Your Family !
Your Friend,

Michele said...

Fracois, I am requesting email submissions at this time. Send an email to with a link or links to the articles that you would like to submit, with a link to the profile you would like linked to the sidebar as a contributing author, it can be your blog, your triond profile, your bukisa profile, etc...

I will take care of the rest. :)


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