Wednesday, December 24, 2008
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Digital Scrapbooking: The Hobby and the Writer


Digital Scrapbooking is a growing Internet hobby, but it can be valuable to the writer too.

Digital Scrapbooking is very popular on the internet. Community groups all share their creations, they have competitions,swap tips and give away layouts. Graphics cover every topic and it is popular with the male species as much as the ladies.

The software varies, there are programs just for scrapbooking such as ScrapBook Flair their free download is here or there are photographic software programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, there is a free trial download that can be used to try for 30 days here.

An image saved using a low resolution can be improved or changed using photographic adjusting programs.

There is no glue or glitter involved and you can email your end result within minutes of finishing, sharing with family and friends all over the world.

The two types of scrapbooking compliment each other, for example you can prepare and print out a digital scrap page and then add embellishments afterwards or you can do a stick and glue style page, scan it into your software and add digital graphics to the uploaded scan.

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